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The Naked Chess Series

The Naked Chess books are written by a club player for club players. This is real chess - the kind of chess that you probably play.

These books are designed for people who know the moves, but want to know how to avoid losing all the time. 

And, of course, it's all told in Will Once's trademark comic style.


Naked Chess: How to Win

You know the moves, but somehow you always seem to lose to someone just a little bit better than you. You don't know why you're losing. All chess pieces are supposed to be created equal, but their pieces seem to be in just the right place to frustrate you.

"Naked Chess: How to Win" shows how a chess game flows naturally from the opening to strategy to tactics. Tactics flow from a good strategy. A good strategy comes from a sound opening. 

This book will show you Kasparov's secret weapon, an emergency opening system for white, the best player of Nc3 and much much more.


Naked Chess: Learn from the Champions

This is the companion book to "Naked Chess: How to Win". It demonstrates the strategic ideas of how to win by showing the games of world champions against much lower graded opponents. Many of the games were played in exhibition matches, sometimes with the world champion playing blindfolded. These are the games that the stronger player needed to win as efficiently as possible. As the opponent usually doesn't put up the best defence, it is often when the winning technique is easiest to see.

As an added bonus, the book includes some games by players who were most definitely not world champions.


Naked Chess: Once Upon a Chess Game

An original mixture of chess puzzles and stories - there is nothing quite like it.

"Once Upon a Chess Game" takes a chess puzzle and turns it into a story. The pieces come alive and speak. Pawns become wannabe superheroes, kings strut around the chess board and rooks turn into thugs.

"A marvelous book from a fine author blessed with great phantasy and esprit."

"One of the most original chess books ever written"

"A rare treat for chess enthusiasts, comprising selected games at master level, in each a puzzle position presented for those who like to exercise their chess brains, and to go with each a delightfully penned, humorous and at times anecdotal digression, a sort of "the story within the story." This e-book has all the originality and freshness of the true enthusiast"

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The Kindness Guides

The kindness guides are self-improvement books with a difference. As the name suggests they are written with kindness very much in mind. The books don't beat you up for whatever you have done or haven't done in the past. They don't ask you to do something that is too complicated or difficult or dangerous.

The design criteria for kindness guides are:
  • No more than 50 pages long.
  • Written in plain English.
  • Each topic is usually no more than one page long.
  • Lots and lots of shortcuts
  • Told with a sense of humour.
  • Cheap or given away for free.

The Kindness Guide to Beating Procrastination
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How to beat procrastination without beating yourself up ... 

  • The only time management system you will ever need (probably)
  • The best to do list in the world
  • How to get things done
  • How to deal with the procrastination demons

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