Will Once
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Global Domination for Beginners
Super spies and superheroes always need a villain. A power-crazed megalomaniac who wants to take over the world. But we very rarely hear the story from the villain's point of view. And we don't get to see what happens if the villain wins. The nearest we got to this was Mike Myers' Austin Powers trilogy where his Dr Evil character arguably stole the show from Austin Powers.
This book tells the story of a super villain who manages to dodge the bullets and take over the world. And along the way we poke a little affectionate fun at some of the sillier premises in spy and super-hero fiction. There are fiendish gadgets that are used once and once only. Gullible henchmen who can't hit anything with a machine gun and who always leave captured secret agents unguarded. A hollowed-out volcano complete with monorail. And a hero who gets to say the immortal lines "I've been expecting you."
If all goes to plan, the intention is to publish this book by the end of 2013.
That Bubble Moment
Why do we always assume that first contact with aliens will either be 100% peaceful (ET, Star Trek: First Contact, Contact) or 100% hostile (Independence Day, Alien, Stargate)?
What if the aliens had other motives for wanting to say "hello"?
What if they wanted to sell us the intergalactic version of double-glazing? Or treat us like animals in a zoo?
That Bubble Moment is a science fiction comedy where nothing is quite what it seems.
Coming early in 2014.