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Saturday 26 October

It’s an exciting time!  We published the second book “Once Upon a Chess Game” on Sunday 20 October.

The techie stuff

The printing process was more complicated than a conventional fiction book. If anyone wants to do something similar, this is how
we did it...


The main text was written in Word. The games themselves were downloaded from www.chessgames.com into Fritz 11. We then exported the diagrams
using the “save position” option from the Fritz file menu. The diagrams were inserted into the Word document.

After a considerable amount of experimentation using the online emulator, we decided that 10 cm squared was the best size for the diagrams. Much smaller than this and the diagrams were hard to read on high definition devices, such as the ipad and Kindle Fire HD. Much larger than this and the diagrams would not fit on the conventional Kindle’s screen.

It’s not ideal, but it seems to be the best we can do within the current technology. we would like to make the diagrams bigger for the ipad, but then we would be spoiling the experience for kindle users. Hopefully readers can adjust the zoom level to suit. We would love to hear feedback, good or bad, about how it works on your device.

Fiddly, but not impossible. It will be easier next time.

Early reaction

A little under a week after publication and we have sold the grand total of eight copies. That includes one to ourselves and one from my Mum. That leaves 6 copies that have been bought by genuine customers - four in the States, one in the UK and one in Germany.

We had our first five star review from Wade in Florida. That was very welcome!

At one point in the week, we were rated as #2 on the Amazon chess books best seller list. That didn't last too long, but it felt good while it did.

Okay, so we are not about to make a fortune from six sales. But we have to recognise that we have not publicised the book beyond chessgames.com yet. The next stage is to see if the big chess websites and magazines will publicise the book - either through reviews or by printing extracts. So we are sending our emails to as many editors as we can find.

Global Domination for Beginners

Project number three is coming on well. As with Love, Death and Tea, it is the story of an unlikely hero. In this case, the main character is a James
Bond-style baddie trying to placate the unions as he builds his hollowed-out volcano lair.

The book is written and is now being read by my posse of friendly beta readers. If you would like to volunteer to be a beta reader, please let me