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Free books!

Everybody is doing it these days. Writers, rock stars and drug pushers. Supermarkets, grocery stores and market stalls. They are all giving away free samples.

I am doing the same. I am giving away four of my books for nothing. Absolutely free. Not a bean.

Sign up for my newsletter and I'll give you two full length novels, one full length chess book and one short story. All for the princely sum of ... nothing. You will get any or all of these:
  • Love, Death and Tea
  • To Know the Dark
  • Once Upon a Chess Game
  • Hero
Of course, you can pay full price for them on Amazon if you really want to.

I will also send you other offers in the future plus news about new releases. I am close to finishing First Contact for Beginners, the sequel to Global Domination for Beginners. The same characters from Global Domination in a science fiction story about mankind's first contact with aliens. 

My promise to you: I won't give your email address to anyone else. I won't bombard you with lots of emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. I also won't do that trick where the first book of a series ends on a cliff-hanger so you have to buy the second book. I hate it when authors do that. Every novel I write is meant to be entirely self-contained. You don't need to get the next book in the series unless you want to.

How the giveaway works: fill in your details in the form. You should get a reply back almost instantly. This will give you links for each of the four free books.

You can take as many books as you want. All four or just one or anything in between. Click on the link(s) for the book(s) that you would like.

That should take you to those lovely people at bookfunnel.com who will help you to download the book(s) to the device of your choice. Some devices take a few more steps than others, but it all seems pretty easy. There's a "help" button at the top of the bookfunnel screen if you are having problems.

Tell your friends: If you want to share the books, can I please ask you to direct your friends to this form instead of giving them the email with the bookfunnel links? That way, their email will be on the list and they can receive the newsletter and future offers too.

If there are any problems, please do let me know by sending me an email to will@will-once.com

Here's the form:

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