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The Love and Death series

One day, electricity stops working.

No-one knows why. Maybe Mother Nature was fed up with a perfectly normal law of physics being used to send pictures of cats over the internet.

And when electricity was turned off, other things were turned on. Magic. The supernatural. The world of the imagination made real.

We call it The Switch. 

The Love and Death series is a gentle comedy of love and courage at the end of the world. If you liked Terry Pratchett, Monty Python and Douglas Adams, you will love these books.

Love, Death and Tea

The first book of the "Love and Death" series

I was not having a good apocalypse. My girlfriend turned into a witch, my father became a vampire and I became one of those foot-shuffling undead things. You know the ones. Begins with a z and ends with everyone becoming someone else's lunch.

Then the Prime Minister ordered that all witches, vampires and zombies should be burned at the stake, staked through the heart or shot in the head. Delete as appropriate.

The only way to save the world was to head off on a fantastic road trip through Britain to find a man who may or may not exist. One zombie, three witches, a vampire, a dwarf and a kitten called Bodkin. 

"The wordplay is brilliant, the observations hilarious and the structure works so well it's nigh on perfect."

"A humorous MUST READ for all fiction fans brilliantly funny zombies vampires witches and an overly tall dwarf. Couldn't put it down."

"This book is an excellent read. Honestly, it feels like you're sitting down in a coffee shop or something with the narrator and he's recounting the story."

"Brilliant story-great concept and fun to read as the characters follow their path one step at a time. A rollicking journey to the end!"


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Love, Death and Wyrds

Book two of the Love and Death Series

The sequel to Love, Death and Tea, this is the end of the world as seen from underneath a witch's pointy hat.

Her boyfriend was the unlikely hero who saved the world. Now can Libby save him (twice) and mend their relationship?

It is another adventure in the fantastic world of The Switch. Along the way we meet a reincarnated Shakespeare, a corrupt Prime Minister and a girl who can walk through walls. 



The "For Beginners" Series

Why does the super spy always win? What happens if the evil megalomaniac actually did take over the world?

There is only one thing that the teenage Robert can do when he loses the love of his life. He plans to get her back by founding an evil organisation dedicated to taking over the world. He has help from his ever faithful bodyguard, Lump, and a team of loyal hench-people.
The "...for Beginners" series is a genre-hopping comedy adventure which races at light speed from spy thriller to science fiction. Shaken and stirred.

If you ever felt that Ian Fleming should lighten up a little, or that Douglas Adams should try his hand at spy fiction, you will adore the "... for Beginners" series.

Global Domination For Beginners

The first book of the "for Beginners" series

I did it all for love. Honestly.

Taking over the world was not the hard part. I could spot the super spies a mile away because they always wore the same clothes, drove the same cars and drank the same vodka martinis. 

If they wanted to get to me, they would have to go through my best friend and bodyguard, the inimitable Lump. Or, as he likes to be called, Odd Lump

The biggest problem was knowing what after I had achieved total global domination. Who would have thought it would be so difficult?

Global Domination for Beginners is the antidote to spy stories. If Ian Fleming had been abducted and replaced with Douglas Adams, this is what the James Bond stories would have looked like.

"It's really very funny, beautifully written and full of wonderfully silly notions that will stay with you long after the closing of the final page."

"I found this book to be absolutely wonderful. It's thought provoking, hilarious and entertaining all while exploring serious issues. Obvious comparisons to Douglas Adams and Terry Prattchet abound. Add some Monty Python, mix with Kurt Vonnegut and you start to come closer."

"Will's characters are wonderful. People I really enjoyed getting to know. The book's theme is very thought-provoking as well."


First Contact for Beginners

The second book of the "for Beginners" series

Once you have taken over the world, there is only one way to go. Upwards.

When visitors from outer space make first contact with Earth, they say: "Take me to your leader". And that can mean only one thing. The aliens insist on meeting Number One, Lump and the rest of the crew we know and love from Global Domination for Beginners.

First Contact for Beginners is an hilarious mixture of spy story and science fiction as ET meets Dr Evil.  It features guest appearances by Lump, Robert's Mum and a new megalomaniac to rival Number One.

If you ever thought that ET or Close Encounters of the Third Kind needed more Aston Martins, then this is the book for you.

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The Edge of the World series

The Edge of the World series is a cool dystopian blend of science fiction and fantasy.

A community lives inside an artificial domed world. They have long since forgotten why the world was built. 

Their lives are controlled by the six laws and by the Terrors that stalk the night, but are these laws meant to protect them or to control them?


Bolt the door, no eyes on the dark.

Kori is a young woman living in a farm by the edge of the world. She is a Knower - someone with the uncanny power to see the truth that others try to hide.

As he power grows, she is drawn into a bloody revolution that threatens to rip the world apart. But is she fighting for the right side?

To Know the Dark is a unique mix of medieval fantasy and science fiction. If you liked the dystopian worlds of the Maze Runner and the Hunger Games, this will draw you into a deeper mystery.

"Highly recommended."

"I read this at the beta stage and loved the setting, the atmosphere and the sheer invention of it all. It's very different from the author's comic works (which I also thoroughly enjoyed) but for an example of a novel that experiments at the boundaries of the fantasy genre, this is well worth reading."

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