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I am Will Once and I play with words.

My love of reading started at a very early age. My mother taught me to read by sticking labels to things in the house – the door, the oven, the sofa, the chair. She gave me a matchbox with the same labels. I would play a game by matching the labels in my matchbox with the labels around the house. I swear she would have stuck a label on the cat if she could have found a way to make it stick.

Then I would string together the labels to make trains. Well, that’s what I called them. Anyone else would call them sentences. I would need to linking words like “and” and “the”. My mother would write those out for me. Then a few verbs, long before I knew they were called verbs. My word trains grew longer and longer.

When my matchbox was full to overflowing, she swapped it for a shoe box. We carried on adding words and building word trains.

Next came books. Other people’s word trains. Other people’s stories. I devoured any and every book I could find. A childhood love of libraries grew into a degree in English Language and Literature. Anything from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Terry Pratchett and Iain (M) Banks.

Other people’s stories were all very well, but as each book ended I wanted to know more. What happened to the characters after “The End”? Did they really live happily ever after? After all they have been through – really?

So I started to write my own short stories, poems and then novels. I wrote my first novel when I was 16, hammering out the words on a mechanical typewriter. It was awful but at the time I thought it was the bee’s knees and the dog’s doodahs. My second novel when I was 18 was marginally less awful. Perhaps. There was a third novel in my twenties. That wasn’t much good either.

For twenty years I stopped writing and did some other stuff. Desk jobs, a couple of marriages, a wonderful wife and a marvellous son.

In 2012 I started writing again. I don’t know why. It just seemed to be an itch that needed scratching. Maybe I was hankering after that childhood matchbox of words.

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My privacy (and decency) policy

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10.          If in doubt refer to point 1.