Will Once



I am Will Once and I play with words.
I have published two books so far. "Once Upon a Chess Game" is a unique mixture of chess puzzles and comic stories. Pieces come alive, talk, fight, fall in love. Here you will find librarians wearing saucy red underwear and superhero pawns in spandex.
My first novel is "Love, Death and Tea". It's your everyday story of boy meets girl, the end of the world, zombies, vampires, a Volkswagen campervan and a cat called Bodkin. As you have probably guessed by now, it's more of a comedy than a horror story.
Both are available on Kindle.
Coming soon is "Global Domination for Beginners", subtitled a view from the volcano. It's a self-help guide to taking over the world. Or, what would happen if James Bond wasn't able to stop the baddie from carrying out his evil plan. It's a rare chance to luxuriate in your inner Blofeld, chuck out the occasional mwahaha and say the immortal lines "I have been expecting you."
Please do get in touch and let me know what you think.